A classic trilogy stone pendant with genuine, untreated Madeira Citrine gemstones set in a rose gold plated sterling silver bail with sparkly Zirconia stones. It comes with a 14k rose gold filled chain made to your preferred length.


Citrine is a birthstone for November. 


Chain is custom length ~ 16"-22" - Use the Chain Length box to let me know the length you'd like. The chain has a bolt ring clasp with no extender chain.

Untreated Madeira Citrine gemstone trilogy pendant necklace in rose gold

  • • Genuine, untreated Madeira Citrine gemstone ~ 4mm each with three in the setting
    • Pendant drop ~ 2cm
    • The setting and the bail are rose gold plated sterling silver
    • Figure of eight 14k Rose Gold Filled chain with lots of sparkles
    • 14k Rose Gold Filled bolt ring clasp and components

    14k Gold Fill ('14k gold-filled' or ' 14k rolled gold') means that at least 5% or 1/20 of the overall metal content by weight is gold of 14k quality. The layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal (today it is invariably brass). Gold Fill is thicker and much more durable than gold plating (which usually has under 0.05% gold content). Ear fittings have a quality stamp "1/20 14k".