Sumptuous white keishi freshwater pearls are contrasted with natural, untreated Black Onyx gemstones and accented by luscious red handmade Murano Venetian glass.


Untreated, genuine Black Onyx is extremely rare. I bought these beads more than a decade ago and some have the characteristic Onyx bands, although the quality of this Onyx is exceptional and the bands are very slight when present. Because this Onyx is a natural stone, some areas might have slight 'chipping' where the polishing didn't quite cover all of the stone and a bit of the stone remains matt. 

Untreated Black Onyx white keishi Pearls red Murano 14k gold fill earrings

  • • Natural, untreated Black Onyx gemstone ~ 13x18mm

    • Freshwater keishi pearls (bleached)
    • Murano handmade Venetian glass

    • Length approx. (this might vary slightly depending on the ear hooks): 6.7cm | 2 11/16"
    • 14k Gold Filled fittings and components.

    14k Gold Fill ('14k gold-filled' or ' 14k rolled gold') means that at least 5% or 1/20 of the overall metal content by weight is gold of 14k quality. The layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal (today it is invariably brass). Gold Fill is thicker and much more durable than gold plating (which usually has under 0.05% gold content). Ear fittings have a quality stamp "1/20 14k".

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