O V GILLIES / Olga Gillies

Sometimes there are magical moments in life. For me, such moments are suddenly finding a gem while walking in the wild and catching a double rainbow. 

I've always had a keen interest in natural stones. To this day, I love finding natural stones with unusual patterns and colours, love exploring the colours of nature at its most dramatic and at its most serene. 

Here I share my passion. For me, the finding and the creation of something unique are the processes that draw me. Once I finish, I want each of my creations to have a life of their own, a welcome home and a story that will continue. 

O V Gillies shop was born not out of a desire to set up an artisan business but out of a desire to share my passion and find a loving home for my creations. I changed my shop name to Olga Gillies to reflect that I design and craft each piece myself and that you buy directly from me. 

All the best,

The first piece of jewellery for sale was created in 2007 and since then O V Gillies / Olga Gillies jewellery has been sold at craft markets in the UK and online, including on my own website as well as other platforms. 

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